Mar 11 2012 - Mar 17 2012
Spring Cleanse Retreat with Kimberly Paul & Karen Heil
At AHKí Retreat in Costa Rica

• Are you suffering from allergies, sleep disorders, poor digestion, depression or other health concerns?
Would you like to have more energy, decrease food cravings, lose weight, increase mental focus, live a more positive life?


Join wellness consultant/holistic nutritionist/yoga teacher, Kimberly Paul and healing arts practitioner, Karen Heil for a lifestyle upgrade from the inside out. ?A nourishing week-long retreat that will help to cleanse and purify your body/mind/spirit.

Come to the healing lands of Costa Rica! Step outside of your usual routine and visit one of the five Blue Zones in the world where people here are said to live the longest and healthiest lives – away from pollution, urban intensity and electromagnetic fields. Peel back the layers and watch your own light emerge amongst the ocean vistas and mountain breezes.  Come home to yourSELF!

• 6 days/6 nights accommodations
• meal and juicing regimen specially created to help support the cleanse process
• morning yoga & meditation
• one private nutrition consult
• two, 90 minute holistic healing sessions
• food demo & nutrition discussions
• half day excursion to witness the beauty and nature that only Costa Rica can offer
• transportation to and from Libera airport
• room tax

$2,095 pp/double occupancy
$2,495 pp/single occupancy

For more information and registration, please visit: AHKí


Jun 2 2012 - Jun 9 2012

Embark on a journey of awakening through the wisdom of your own inner healer, with Teresa Duncan & Karen Heil.
At AHKí Retreat in Costa Rica

During this week long retreat, here amongst the healing lands of Costa Rica, we gather to explore the inner landscape and the intuitive nature and wisdom of the healer within. Amidst the mountains and ocean vistas in a relaxed group setting, we reflect on the importance of nature in relation to wellness and how your connection to others shapes your ability to receive the health and well being you deserve.

Through private sessions, group discussions, exercises and excursions, this retreat will gently guide you to acknowledge, trust and finally, embrace your own deeper wisdom and to understand the role it plays in how you heal. We ALL have the power within to heal – ourselves AND others!

• 7 days/7 nights accommodations
• 3 vegetarian meals (chicken/fish options extra)
• morning yoga/evening meditation

• circle discussions  & group exercises
• 2 private, 90 minute healing sessions
• one group excursion
• use of facilities
• room tax

$1,595 pp double occupancy
$1,995 pp single occupancy

*Register at:
*Space is limited. Registration closes on April 21, 2012.

For more information, please visit: AHKí.

If you are interested in scheduling private yoga or semi-private sessions, please contact me directly
via phone or email.

Gift certificates available!